Monday, 12 April 2010

Two little birdies and some dolls.

Only 1 week to go now 'til my plaster comes off but I've been having a go at crafting with my g/daughter doing the cutting out for me. Made some dolls and birds for our journals which were a complete surprise as we had no idea what to do to start with! I just loved the birds in the craft Stamper this month but didn't have the stamp for the head and wings. After doodling with my pen held between my fore and middle finger I drew these two heads. Nowhere as good as the proper ones but useful to practice with til I get the stamps. Used inks and paint and the stamps from Maya road travel sheet for the body. The feet are Abi's finger print inked over and cut out.

Then we used the Aspects of Design stamp to stamp heads for our dolls and just played around. In no time we had a few to work with.


  1. Hi Jeanie, Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. It's nice to know that you are journaling and I hope it brings you as much fun and enjoyment as it does me. I've had a good look through your blog and it seems as if you've had your fair share of ups and downs. Hope you and your grand-daughter continue to craft together and have lots of fun. I like to craft with both of my children (although I'm not allowed to offer any advice, just let them have access to all of my precious craft loot! LOL!) I love the birds and dolls you have created here - you came up with a great way to overcome the lack of rubber stamps! Well done to you for keeping going in the face of adversity. Keep on crafting :-)

  2. Stunning!!!
    Suzie xxxxx :)


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