Thursday, 30 December 2010

Belated Christmas Greetings!!

I've got flu and haven't been up to blogging this week! Hope your Christmas/Holiday season was special. We had a fairly quiet one, church for me, then I cooked lunch for 6 but my middle grandaughter Faith had flu and spent her day in bed|!! Poor thing, she had a new dress to show me too. Hopefully I'll be better for New Year and we can have a nice meal out together. My new camera will also hopefully arrive soon, this will make it much easier for me to take pics of my work and upload them. Can't wait!!


  1. Oh dear, hope you feel better soon x
    Welcome to the calendar challenge for 2011 - I'm delighted that you have decided to join in the fun. Looking forward to seeing your pages :-)

  2. Thanks Kate. Just posted my page and it's on flickr too.


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