Monday, 17 January 2011

Bomb Proof!!

Just introducing my new Lumix Panasonic to everyone. Hope it lives up to it's name as with my buttery fingers I will probably be testing it to the limit!!! Have to read up about it now and get used to it.

I've entered this for the TYPOGRAPHY challenge over on Creative Type. Love their quirky challenges.

Had a steroid injection today in my hand for the arthritis. Extreemely painful but I was a very brave girl, well that's what the doc said. Think he needs some glasses!!


  1. OOooh the injection sounds nasty. Hope you have recovered. Hey, I see you have managed to add a slide show to your sidebar. Well done ;-)

  2. HiKate yes I've recovered except my fingers feel like numb sausages!!! Very weird.

    I had a good teacher re the slideshow so all credit to you. Thanks xx


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