Tuesday, 25 January 2011


It’s my Mom’s 90th very soon and I wanted to make her a very special card.
I’ve made her quite a few over the years and couldn’t think what to do.
Then I saw the Art Journey Challenge to use embossing powder in the background.
Great I thought, I haven’t used embossing powders for ages so I dug them out and made a start.
That’s when it all went wrong!!!!!

My versa mark met stamp ok and then I sprinkled the powder!! On the stamp????!!!!

A quick wash and I started again, this time on the card………….in the wrong place!!!!!!!!

Undaunted I thought third time lucky………………………..

More like unlucky………………..

I’d stamped a button stamp onto card, 6 of them, embossed and cut them all out. Went to heat my new stamped image and lost all my buttons, …………on the floor which by now was sparkling beautifully at me.

As I went to pick them up I walked out my slippers ‘cos they were sticking to the floor!!!!!! Tripped over the slippers and banged my head on the table......

This is my Ode to Embossing!!

Now I like to make flowers or even a posy, my card making skills I think are quite rosy!

Scrap-booking, stamping and using ink, are all skills I’ve nearly mastered, I think……………………………….............

But this powder has got me beat!!

It’s in my hair and on my feet!!

Mom’s card is now on hold until I’ve recovered and don’t feel so old.

The challenge at Art Journey?????????

This is what I salvaged, do you think any of them are worth submitting?

I don’t. lol


  1. Oh dear me ...must not giggle... you sound just like me I love them all but my favourite is the middle one Now dont let this powder and those button beat you I sure you can whip them into shape once you got them off the floor and your slipper hope your heads not too sore

    hugs alma xx

  2. Sound like you had a catastrophe day, I know things like that! If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

  3. Lol. Yes and in my muddled state and rush as I was going out tonight, I've entered the challenge with the wrong cards!!! Got it all to enjoy tomorrow!!

  4. Hi Jeanie, had to smile at your embossing antics, bet you wished you hadn't started! Try again tomorrow, you might see them in a different light.

    you asked for my email hotmail is applesandpearscards AT (no spaces and obviously use the @ instead of AT), but let me know if you email me as I am finding some mails aren't getting through.

    Hope you get that card done for your Mum. CoB

  5. yes embossing is not my FAVOURITE technique either .. messy !!!although if I go slower and organise myself it does turn out gorgeous... you sound like me with my falls I had 5 last year ..a lesson on not rushing ????hope your head is ok?? big hugs and take care .. xo

  6. Oh, ha haha :-) Hope the bang on the head didn't hurt too much! Yeah, I know all about the problems with embossing powders - that's why I never use them!

  7. Thanks for your entry in the Art Journey Challenge, but you are required to use MAINLY ART JOURNEY STAMPS for this challenge!

  8. You're a wise lady Kate and Willy yes I know and I'm posting it up soon. lol Thanks for the commiserations folks.


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