Monday, 7 February 2011

Abi's journal page no 3!!

This is the last page inspirational page I did in Abi's journal, she's got the rest to do herself. I used a gold stamp pad on this one which went well with the purple page background. Sorry about the flash flare, only just noticed it. Thank you to everyone for looking.xx


  1. Beautiful page. Abi is lucky to have such a lovely book!

  2. Thanks Val. I've been to a workshop today making another.

  3. this is sooooo artistic and unique I love it so much absolutely beautiful ... gorgeous colours ... hugz x

  4. Wow thank you Heather keep the praise coming I love it. lol xx

  5. Hi Jeanie, this is very creative, and I love the purple and gold together, quite stunning colours.

    Sorry, but your email still didn't come through, I'm not sure if it's a problem with hotmail as this has happened with other people too. Did you put "" not ".com"? It should be Or how about leaving me your email address and I'll mail you? coB


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