Monday, 20 June 2011

My absence explained!

Haven't been around to post as I haven't produced anything artistic for weeks now. Our family and my personal illness continues, leaving me little time or inclination to craft. I did go away with my daughter and her family last week to Devon, and it rained!!! I'm hoping the change of scenery did me good anyway.

My brother had a critical period in May, in his fight with cancer and it was a miracle he pulled through it. He's still in hospital and is now waiting for a bed in a hospice, as he's too weak to go back to live with Mom atm. What with visiting him, and my own treatment at the hospital I seem to spend half my life up there. The other half is spent looking after Mom and my brother in law whose 87 and blind who both have osteoporosis like me.

OK moan over. lol! Sorry for boring you all.
On the bright side my granddaughter, Daisy Dower, age 7, has been chosen as a winner in a children's painting exhibition and has her picture of an orange cat in the Saatchi online gallery and in London. The BBC local tv have been in contact too, to do a report about her on the local TV. The fame has not gone to her head yet!! lol.

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