Saturday, 2 July 2011

The finished page - using Kate's new DVD.s

Here's the finished page using Kate's new DVD's. I enjoyed making this, just started a new journal which I will keep for Kate's practice works.


  1. Great page, the DVD must be wonderful! Valerie

  2. wonderful Jeannie this is so awesome .. I adore it ... great colours and artwork .. hugz x
    so pleased you went with google chrome ..It works !!! and re my new look blog yes I did it myself and am pretty proud of myself I don't ind telling you woohoo !! I am slowly learning about IT ...I used the designer template (it is on the dashboard) and just fiddled around with it until I found something I liked .. I had fun with it ... big hugz x

  3. Thankyou do much for your lovley comments Val and Heather. xx

  4. Fabulous art Jean! I can see the influence of my DVD but you have made this your own. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your new journal filled in!

  5. Very creative, Jeanie, what lovely colours too. Sounds like you are really enjoying that CD. CoB


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