Thursday, 4 August 2011

Where's me Onkles?

Ah wuz on this train terday, goin to Wolver'ampton,
Sittin there moindin me own bizness,
When ah looks doowon, an me onkles ad gone!

Ah thowt, well ah'm in a roit mess!

Got me legs an feet but were's me onkles??

Stuck on this train ah must look a soit
Ow am I gerrin ome ternoit?

Ow did it appen, they woz ere befowa?
Ah'm allus restin em but they just want mower!

Just 'cos it's ot ah caw rest all day
When ah foinds em later ah'll mek em pay!

Avin ter waddle an shuffle ai much fun
Wen ah gerrof this train at Wolverampton!!

Jean Green Seot 2007

If you read "Dylan's Blog" you'll see why I posted this rhyme.


  1. soooooooooooooooo funny, gave me a good laugh .. hugz x love your journal Jeannie xoxo

  2. Thanks Heather luckily I've found them since I wrote that poem. xxx


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