Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mini Book for Abi!

It's my DGD Abi's 16th Birthday soon and I wanted to do something special for her to keep! I saw this mini book in the Craft Stamper this month and they have a template for a dress dummy for you to copy from. I combined the 2 in this little book for her. The most troublesome part was doing all the eyelets with my Crop a dile!! Lining up all the holes was hard. If anyone has any useful tips I would be eternally grateful.There was a lot more work in it than I first thought and has taken me the best part of 3 days to do. (In between visiting my brother in the Hospice, he's very poorly now!!!)

This is the back page and inside the pages are made from envelopes, all decorated and inside the envelopes are postcards which I decorated on both sides too. I'll try and put them into a slideshow as there are another 12 pages to show altogether. I don't think blogger will let me do that in one post.

Thanks for looking and hope it inspires you to make one too!


  1. love it Jean, just gorgeous ... stunning rich colours and a beautiful gift .. hugz x

  2. Beautiful mini book, your GD will surely love and treasure it! Sorry to hear your brother is poorly! So, off to put my feet up, was at a craft fair all day and now I am KO! Hugs, Valerie


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