Thursday, 6 October 2011

Taking Time out!

Hi everyone I've been taking time out this week to try and put my house in some sort of order. With all the hospital and hospice visiting over the last few months, I've been putting things off, like tidying drawers and cupboards, sorting craft stuff and proper cleaning of the cooker etc. I was supposed to be going on holiday today with my friend, all booked and paid for but with so much going on at home.... I've given my place to another friend. Hope they have a lovely time. I am just not well enough to enjoy it at the moment and couldn't even contemplate packing. Mom is still grieving badly over my brother, hubby is getting worse and so is my BIL so altogether we're a right bunch. I've quite enjoyed putting my house in order today and I've now got to re-organise my crafting supplies ready for the Xmas rush. I love the build up to the whole season but hate all the hype on tv and in the shops. Buy this, buy that. When you're on a fixed pension it's not possible. I shall be making my pressies this yr, all courtesy of my craft stock!
The photo is of my brother and I, the next one to scrap.


  1. I wish you lots of good energies for this busy time!

  2. Lovely photo of you both. Sometimes we need to get our own lives tided, even if it's hard, so wish you lots of strength for it. HUgs, Valerie


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