Saturday, 18 February 2012

2 POTS OF LOBSTER - I mean 2 Liebster Awards and 2 cards!

I couldn't quite believe it and didn't realise what it was or what it involved receiving this award and I'm ashamed to say that when the first one was given I was a little (ok, a lot) harassed and thought I'd better leave this until I was in a better frame of mind to decide who I could pass it on to.  FATAL!!!  It wasn't until today when I discovered I  had been awarded  the second one from Mitra here that I suddenly remembered the first one from Fi. here.
The brain cells have been geared to meeting impossible deadlines, I've set myself, for entering challenges to the extent that I got very mixed up.  Yes, I do enjoy the challenges, they stretch my skills and keep me trying out new things which I love but I also love the community side of blogging, talking to and reading about all these lovely people who share my passion.  I do struggle to keep the balance right between crafting and blogging with my ailing body but it keeps my mind off the aches and pains and I enjoy it. So apologies to Fi and Mitra for my tardiness.
Right I'm supposed to pass this on to 5 other Blogs that I follow with less than 200 members!  This is the difficult part.  I want to give it to all of you wonderful people.
There are a few that I have picked out though for their love of their craft, and how they spread their love on an international scale.

In no particular order they are:
Cannycrafter - for her brilliant ideas and detailed instructions
Bastelmania-Craft Attack - for her great stories
Helen Tilbury - for her support and inspiration.
I also made these cards for my Mom and Sister.


  1. Lovely work again, Jeanie. Thanks a lot for the Blog award, too! I won't send you my addy here, as I am going home on March 7th, and that might be cutting things a bit fine, as the post seems to be using mules to deliver lately! Hugs, Valerie

  2. This is GORGEOUS! I love love love the colors and loving the dress form!! And congrats on the award!

  3. Congrats on the award Jeanie & thank you for your kind words & for passing it on to me too! I am so happy to know that I have inspired you!! Beautiful cards - I love the dressforms :)

  4. Oh Jeane sounds like you need to keep a diary, lol. Actually I just use note book and write down all the challenges and the dates then scratch them off as I do them. I was awarded two of these awards as well as I didn't get around to posting on time. Not to worry its done and you so deserved them.


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