Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What a Day!!!!

This was to be the start of a new month without any mishaps or emergencies!!! Yeeah who am I kidding!!

My poor DGD Faith, the middle one, was rushed to hospital this morning after collapsing unconscious at home.  She's had a bad tummy upset since yesterday but this morning wasn't any better.  She had a rash on her face and a temperature and the paramedics came in record time.  They revived her and took her straight to A&E. I can't tell you how much  I prayed today.   NO, thankfully she hasn't got meningitis but a nasty contagious tummy bug.  She's now sipping 10 mil of water every 10 mins and eating mashed up banana.  Hopefully she'll be back home soon.  She has to have the week off school, much to her disgust, and her Mum can't go to work either.
Hubby had his results yesterday, of tests to find out why he's lost so much weight (3 stone) and feeling so weak.  Well he's clear of the big C and the Parkinson's hasn't got much worse so they've upped his drugs to see if that helps him  I've been having my blood tested too, monitoring my rhumatoid arthritis as it's flared up again. I had a phone call this morning to say my white cell count was very low so I have to have another test tomorrow.  Ah well it could have been a much worse day couldn't it?


  1. Oh honey hugs from NY! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. What a day says it all! Sending hugs for speedy recovery all round :)


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