Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Giveaway at last!!

I am so grateful for all the concern and support I've been shown here on my little blog over the last 12 month especially.  I feel like I've come through the worst time in my whole life and am now finally finding some peace.  As a thank you I decided to make some little momentos to celebrate the Diamond

Jubilee of Elizabeth II to give to my bloggy friends so here they are......Drumroll please.

  If anyone would like to receive  them please email me with your name and address and I'll get them sent out.  Sorry they are late but hopefully they will still arrive before the day. If there is more than one taker they will be split between them.  I have more materials left so I'm doing some more with the Olympic Games theme which I shall give away later.


  1. hi jean, not sure how to email you with my address, so cannot lol...

    I hope things are still looking up for you and you are well and settled in your new place now, hugs, xx

    maria xx

    1. Hi Maria sorry my email address is Send me your address and I'll post you some.


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