Sunday, 20 May 2012

Wish I had my camera!!!

I did look at it and did intend to bring it, but sadly forgot it.  Why do I need it?  My lovely daughter and hubby have gone away for the weekend and left me to look after Daisy, 2 cats and many fishes!  Is she mad you ask??  Must be!!! titter.

We asked Daisy's friend for a sleepover last night and they were sooo good and sooo quiet?????  Yes and you know why???  They made a den under Daisy's bunk beds and this morning are nestled inside a cocoon of duvets and pillows, entwined around each other.  Oh I do wish I had my camera!!!

My daughter did leave her laptop hence the post today but took her cameras as she's doing a photography workshop today taking pics of the ponies in the New Forest in the south of England. Hope the rain holds off for her.xx


  1. I can just imagine how those little angels looked! Enjoy the time looking after the family. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Sorry you did not have your camera!...You have to hold on to that mental picture. At least that is what my DH says when he is fed up with me recording or taking photos...Shame you won't be able to scrap it!Enjoy!

  3. Bummer you didn't have your camera!! Sounds like a precious moment!!!

  4. Sounds totally adorable! Don't you have a mobile phone with a camera you can use?!


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