Monday, 4 June 2012

the rescue of the robot.wmv

Hi this is my youngest granddaughter Daisy's new film made be her and her Dad. She has spent the whole day making it and was still working hard when I saw her at 5.15pm. Just viewed the finished work. I'm very proud of her. xxx


  1. wow, steven spielberg watch out! lol. Daisy is so clever to do this, I am well impressed.

    Yes, your blog photos are automatically stored at Picasa if you upload from your computer. Did you follow the link in my blog post to check how much of your free space you'd used up? hope you've got more space left than you think, no-one want to have to pay to have a blog, do they?

  2. Hi Jean, I know its been awhile but we used to play over at Colour Combo Galore together! Fi(All Things Creative) is a mutual scrapbook friend and she put me onto your blog! I love it! Cant wait to see more of your work - dont be a stranger and pop on over anytime. I am at

    My son has done something similar as your grand-daughter and he really enjoyed the experience. Such great imaginations!

  3. Great video, and a very clever and confident little girl. She is really a star! Hugs, Valerie

  4. That is so cute!! Your grand daughter is very clever indeed!! Creativity obviously runs in the family Jeanie!!!


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