Monday, 23 July 2012

Another Funny Week Ahead!!

Hi Everyone hope you all had a good weekend and for those in the USA please accept my deepest sympathy for the terrible event in Aurora last Friday.  Why these things happen is a mystery.

It’s a bright sunny day here in the UK today, for a change.

Here’s a few more of the items I’m making for the Art and Craft fair on Saturday.  I used paint to cover these little notebooks from the Craft Barn and added images and stamping before finally sealing with a coating of Decoupage glue which is a waterproof glue and gives a lovely sheen.

 The Fair is on from 10 - 2pm in the Belmont Art and Community Centre here in Wellington, UK.  Anything I sell (well I stay optimistic) will be donated to charity. I haven’t entered any challenges yet this month as I’ve been busy doing these but will try and do some next week when my life is a little more normal.
The notebooks books and pencil cases come ready to alter and I've made some sketch books too which I'll show another day.

 I have the builders in today making a horrible noise but I cannot leave them so have to put up with it.  The Housing Association who rent the flat to me have been very good and are putting me a wet room in  the bathroom.  It’s so tiny and it must be so hot to work in there but they remain cheerful. They will be with me all week!!  I haven’t been able to shower or bathe as I can’t get in and out the bath anymore for the pain in my back and leg. (Yes I know what you’re thinking but I have washed, honest.) LOL.  I’m so grateful for the help these people have given me to make life easier for me.  They’re also fitting new door handles on all my doors which are rounded and wont be so hard to turn. I’ll post a photo when they have finished.

 Have a good day and thank you for looking at my work.  All comments are very much appreciated.


  1. The things you have made all look really wonderful, I can't imagine them not being sold! You are sure having adventures with your bathroom this week, but it will be nice to have a shower you can access when it's done. I know what your mean about it being difficult to get in and out when you have pains! Glad you are still coming clean, though! Take care of yourself, and good luck at your fair! Hugs, Valerie

  2. I agree with CraftAttack, I am sure they will go like hot cakes! Good luck with your bathroom and hopefully it's over quick!!!

  3. Good luck at the fair Jean,...I a sure they will be very interested in your stuff. Take care!!

  4. Your notebooks and pencil cases are adorable! I'm sure these items will be hot sellers, as they are great gift items. They're also great for "back to school" time, which is coming up.

    Good luck with the home remodeling projects taking place in your apartment. Sounds like life will be a bit easier for you when the remodeling is done, so that's good.

  5. Came across your blog via Crescendoh...great notebooks.

  6. Looking good Jean! How did you go at the fair? I am sure it was a huge success and lets hope you have that bathroom ready LOL!

  7. These are fab Jeanie!! That pencil case is great too!! Hope the doorknobs are also fitted now & life is a bit simpler for you :)

  8. those notebooks are fabulous and the pencil case is really cool. I think I will have to cover my horrible notebooks now and make them really pretty :)


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