Saturday, 14 July 2012

Making cards for a Craft Exhibition!

Hi Everyone hope you’re enjoying whatever you’re doing this weekend.  A little glimpse of sunshine would help to lift our spirits here in the UK.  My Mum cant remember rain like we've had the last few weeka in her whole lifetime and she’s 91!  The local area has been flooded out the last two days with power failures and disrupted roads and trains.  We're lucky to live in the UK though!  Lets hope the sun comes out for the Olympic Games.
I’ve been having counselling and support from an organisation called Impact, in Wellington, which provides  support to the families and friends of addicts.  There have been times where I don’t think I’d have got through without them to talk to.  To show my appreciation I decided to have a table at the local Arts and Crafts Fair on the 28th July.  Any money raised will be donated to them.  I have grand ideas one minute then a mental block the next!!!!  I'm paying for the table so I hope I sell a few!
Here’s some of the cards I’ve been working on this week, using stamps from Art Journey and Aspects of Design, machine sewing and wire flowers from rejected watercolour paintings.  I also have some small watercolour paintings which I’ve mounted onto cards. I've made three or four of each design, each slightly different so they're all one off's.

I’m hoping to do some altered art dolls and birds and some Affirmation books and Art Journals too.

Ahhh I only have 2 weeks to fit it all in!!  Wish me luck folks.


  1. Great idea, wonderful cards, and good luck! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Good job Jeanie!! I hope you get alot done! Sorry to hear about the terrible weather & I do hope that you are being propped up and strengthened all the time through your counselling. Pray for the resolve to see it through and have a vision in your mind of your son as healthy and restored. Big hugs to you my friend :)

  3. Hello Jeanie, what a lovely set of cards - I love them all. I hope the sale goes well - I'm sure you will have no trouble selling these fab cards and it is a great way of saying thanks. I hope also that all goes well for your son. Take care, Elizabeth

  4. Beautiful work Jeanie, they are all gorgeous but Im loving the ladies hair one. WOW you're mum is 91 how lucky you are to have around still and share time with her. I totally agree you need the sun out to get you into working order it had been rainy and dreary here as well and I do not feel very motivated at all. Take Care Fi xox

  5. Way to go, Jeanie! I am sure you will do a great job. Hope the weather improves in time for the Olympics :)
    Hugs from India

  6. wow fab cards and so many in such sort time, well done jean... you will be fine, your cards and work are lovely, good luck with the fund raising...xx

    maria xx


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