Sunday, 1 July 2012

New Beginnings! - Journal pages in my old Wages Book.

I'm trying to be positive about my situation and have started this journal to record my thoughts, feelings and affirmations.. I went to a weekend of workshops with Dina Wakley at Art from the Heart a few months ago.  She encouraged us to draw our own portraits, (not very good ones in my case) which incorporates my own drawings with some of the poetry words she gave us to use on our Poetry in Motion books.  I've nearly finished that too and will put that in a later post.
The poetry words say .... Dream has shaken it's sheets out, a freshness (discarded) restored. Can't you see this lame heart dances, muted rhythums let loud beats out. Scared hopes being reassured, can't you hear - this dried heart sings?  My own words read....... Am I the Devil for leaving or a Saint for staying so long?

On this page I used some digital download papers from Dyan Reaveley from AFTH.

My writing on this page reads...... I want to be independent and not reliant on anyone else.  I need to stand on my own two feet and pay my own way. I want to be in a happy place, happy in life, interacting socially, being with friends creating art and being at Peace with myself.  I drew the face on a piece of spent tumble drier sheet which I cut out and stuck to my page with PVA.  That way I retained the see through quality so you can still see the page beneath. I've added more words to the page since I took this photo, FOCUS ON WHO YOU WANT TO BE, NOT ON WHO YOU WERE!  Thank you for looking. xxxx


  1. Gorgeous pages, Jeanie, love how you have made them! Keep it up!! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Love the way you upcycled the dryer paper with your drawing. Your journal pages have a lot of depth and are very inspiring. Take care and keep creating :)

  3. The colors and feelings these portray are very strong, hope you keep on healing and feeling better each day! Did you see my post today, has your little tag holder on it!!!

  4. This is beautiful, not only the art work but the wording as well. And if those portraits are hand drawn you've done an amazing job I don't think I could draw something that good. They say writing it down is the best healing so I hope it starting to work for you, as you truly do deserve to be happy.

  5. I like the way you combined drawings, words, found objects, and more on your journal pages. They say a lot.


  6. I love these Jeanie! They are so meaningful!! I dare not art journal for fear of what may come out LOL!!


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