Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wyldwoods again!

Wyldwoods in the rain Impressionist style!

Hi everyone hope your weather is sunnier than ours today.  I’m off tomorrow to do Creative Writing at Wyldwoods so it‘s sure to rain then too!! I spent last Wednesday painting “like the Impressionists during the early part of the Impressionist era“.  Having already done a watercolour sketch of the farm buildings last week I decided to sit outside under the gazebo and try and do an Impressionist painting of the same scene.  I got a bit carried away and had to be reined in by Anne Marie as my style was becoming more Expressionist than Impressionist!!  After lunch the rain was coming down so hard, I was standing in puddles which were soaking my feet and trousers. I had to vacate back into the studio which changed the colours and the mood of the painting.  Not happy with the result at all.  Ah well I can try again.  Love what everyone else did.
alpha stamp set
painting in the rain
This is an alpha stamp set I made for Anne Marie and I've done one for myself too.  I made it from recycled cardboard and pva glue.  I drew the alpha letters onto card first, cut them out and glued onto 3 layers of corrugated card, making sure to reverse the image so it prints the right way up.  Really easy but a bit time consuming and without my special scissors impossible for my hands.  I suppose if you have a die cutting system which cuts card you could layer 2/3 onto each other to get the depth.  I just love the grungy prints you get from them.  I'm using them on my Journal books.
Since last week I’ve had a couple of mishaps, a punctured tyre and a very soggy mobile phone.  Both meant spending money and getting used to a new phone has been challenging.  Yesterday I managed to lock my keys inside my house and had to get a locksmith to get me in.  This involved changing the barrel on my door and it doesn’t shut as well as it did!!  Think it’s my turn to have a bit of bad luck!!
The two locksmiths really worked hard to get me in without damaging the door and frame and I promised them a cup of tea if they did.  Think I must have had a premonition when I bought these new mugs at the weekend.
I’ve been painting watercolour cards this week too as I’ve had an infection in my eye and only had one eye to see through.  Precision and computer work were out so I got the paints and cards out to top up my supply, ready for the next craft fair. What do you think, will they sell?

Hope you're all having a good day and managing some craftiness.  I'm off to tidy mine up now.

Thank you for looking and any comments you leave, I do appreciate them all.


  1. Painting in the rain sounds good, but perhaps not for arthritis! Lovely work on the cards. Sorry you locked yourself out, awful thing to happen! Valerie

  2. You are on a roll, Jeanie! Love the impressionist style painting. I am a Van Gogh fan :) Your tea mugs look fabulous and your patience in creating those alpha stamps is unbelievable. Keep creating.
    Hugs from India.

  3. DUDE! Those poppy cards are the bomb! Of course I think they will sell!! I think that your bad luck streak is over though, since they generally run in threes...wouldn't you say? Rain, keys and tire!

  4. Your paintings and your cards are BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope you have a great weekend!!!

  5. Love the cards Jean! I am always amazed at anyone who can paint! Of course they will sell - I love picking up cards like this - its great to have a stash to give to your friends!

  6. Wow, so much gorgeous painted work from you! The snowdrop cards are my faves.

    GREAT idea for the alphabet stamps. I'm going to try making my own set. Thanks for the inspiration!


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