Friday, 3 August 2012

Yay I have a Shower and Craft Fair update!

Hope everyone is having a great week, and a lovely weekend to all everywhere.

So much happened last week for me including my new walk-in shower which I love.  Here’s a before and after….. isn’t it great.  Well it is now but after a gas leak and 3 water leaks during the week long job I had my doubts I would ever be able to use it.  My craft space was lost in a sea of plumbing and electrical equipment and it's taken me all this week to to sort it all out.  I've also been cat minding for my daughter whose gone to Greece! (alright for some)  I shall be glad not to have to get up and go there every morning and evening!  

My craft Fair on Saturday was good too. My table was an eclectic mix of goodies and  I sold one of these which is a handmade artists sketchbook, with different weight cartridge papers inside, and includes watercolour papers too. I always find I do a few w/colour sketches as well as pencil ones and cartridge paper isn't the best support so I add w/colour papers in my handmade ones.

I also sold  2 of these art journals which have pockets front and back to hold ephemera and words ready for journalling.  I also sold a few of the cards I previously posted.  They’re having a fair every month from September til Christmas so I can go back and hopefully sell some more.  I took my Changes journal - (see it here) too and had a lot of positive feedback from people including an offer to teach a group of young Mums how to make them (not sure about that, the mind is willing but the body is so tired these days.

Finally I have been given the opportunity to go here for some ME time once a week.  They are a lovely bunch of caring people who are offering taster sessions to carers, (they tell me I am, as I support my Mum, Son and Hubby when necessary by phone or visit)   These are taster sessions to be offered out to anyone who is caring for someone else.  Today we did watercolour painting which I love anyway and next week we’re making bath bombs and soaps. Ann Marie, the tutor, has asked me to make some simple boxes to display them in. Watch this space!!


  1. Sounds like a good week after all! Your new walk in shower looks great, it will be much easier and safer to use. Glad the craft fair went well, the journals you sold are really amazing. Glad you are getting a bit of TLC too! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Your bathroom looks great, Jeanie! Sounds like you did an awesome job at the Craft Fair. Take care :)

  3. Love the look of that new shower Jeanie! Glad you are finally able to enjoy it!! And well done for your success at the Fair - a job well done :) Enjoy your time away xo

  4. Wow that's awesome Jeanie, looks like everything is just falling into place for you and your also able to spend some time crafting and learning new things. So glad everything seems to be coming together for you.


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