Thursday, 25 April 2013

Life's twists and turns!

I thought my new life here in Shropshire would herald a reduction in stress and unhappiness but it seems to have followed me here.  I'm taking anti depressants and they're doing funny things to my brain.  Hopefully, something better will result eventually!  There's been so much happening lately, personal and family, consequently my brain needs a rest from all the stress.  That's what the doc says anyway.  She reckons it's contributing to my low immune levels so I'm meditating and taking the tablets.  It's taken 10 months for the physio and surgeon to come to the conclusion that my left knee joint is unstable and liable to dislocate, without further surgery!!  10 months!!  I was telling them so last June!!  That's our NHS for you.  I'm being fitted with a new bespoke carbon knee brace which I'll be wearing all the time, to stave off the evil day when I have to contemplate the third joint replacement on that knee.  Even then there's no guarantee that it will be an improvement!!  I have to seize life and live for each day doing as much as I can,  in the here and now. My next page will be all about this.  Here's a sneak peak.

My Mum is going through something similar, as the rod and plate they used to patch up her hip joint hasn't healed at all.  After 2 1/2 mths of painful physio following her emergency surgery the surgeon told her she would have to have more surgery and have the joint replaced.  Until then she has to stay off the hip to prevent further damage.  Her life for the last 6 weeks has been confined to sitting in a chair all day, in bed all night and being hoisted from the chair to the toilet etc.  You get the picture!!  She has such an indomitable spirit and has agreed to the surgery rather than being confined to a wheelchair, in a nursing home.  Her op is booked for 15th May, in the meantime she's at home on her own, with 2 carers coming in 4 times a day to tend to her needs.  She's just spent 5 days in hospital fighting another infection and didn't like being in a geriatric ward.  In her words, "It's full of OLD people"  She is 92 yrs young!!

My son is still fighting his demons and getting weaker, although the tumor has stabilised again for awhile.  He's still waiting for a place at a rehabilitation centre, a long wait over here.  Day to day living is very very stressful when you have such a volatile individual to deal with, especially when he's your only son.  Breaks my heart every day.

I'm sharing all this in the hopes that you will send a few prayers to your own God for us all to be helped to deal with all the stresses we're going through right now.  Thank you for looking and reading.  If you don't feel it's appropriate to leave a comment that's fine.  Just knowing there are a community of lovely people rooting for us helps.  Take care and enjoy your life!


  1. So sorry to hear of all your problems, I hope and pray that they will all be solved as soon as possible. Love and hugs,

  2. Oh, Jeanie! My heart goes out to you. Your family and you are in my prayers. Sending you big hugs. Take care.

  3. Huge Hugs from NY! Keep trudging on, there is a rainbow somewhere my friend! Am praying for you!

  4. sending you lots more hugs and sparkles jean to you and your mum and son... try and stay strong,

    maria xx


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