Sunday, 7 April 2013

Still going through the Wringer of Life Here!

I could really have given up this week due to what life is continuing to throw my way!!  A trip to the supermarket, Easter Monday ended with me having my pin compromised and my purse stolen by a couple of  "foreign" tourists.  They were behind me in the checkout and causing a distraction because they couldn't make the cashier understand even though it was me she was serving. Like a fool I believed them and couldn't   be rude and push him back when he was standing close to me.  I covered my pin entry but he was over 6' and must have got it. Five mins later they turned up in the car park in our court yard when I was unpacking my car asking me to show them the way to Manchester. (This happens regularly as the road narrows to a country lane and people think they're on the main road out of Wellington until they get to our little courtyard.  They are always turning round and going back)  I just shrugged and said I didn't understand what they were saying.  She asked if I spoke French, which I do a little, and she fetched a map from her car.  We looked at it over my car bonnet and I told them the way to Manchester in French.  They must have stolen my purse then but I just didn't even think there was anything wrong. The seemed such a nice couple.  Youngish, slim built, olive skins, black hair and driving a silver BMW type car.  When I missed my purse they had cleared my current account and tried to access my cc's too but luckily I use different pin nos for those.

I now feel stupid, scared because they know my address, broke and deeply hurt that they could be so nasty to an old lady with a stick.  If you see the world news report of young man being attacked by walking stick it will be me!!  HSBC have said if it's clear it was not me being negligent with my pin I will have the sum refunded.  In the meantime I'm out of pocket so far by £450!

To add to this it looks like the amazing drug I've been taking for the last 4 years,  to help with my Osteoporosis has actually made it worse and compromised my immune system even more!!  I was assured at the start that there were no SIDE EFFECTS.  I'm tired and weak all the time, keep having one infection after another and in pain!!  Just sometimes life really sucks!!


  1. So sorry that happened to you... how horrible :(

  2. Oh dear me Jeanie. I am so sorry to hear what happened to you!! That's awful!!
    These horrible people are everywhere.....
    At least you are rid of them,and should not worry. The policy told us when we were robbed in our house that the thieves would sread the wordp there was nothing more to steel.

  3. Thank you Julie and Bente for your sympathy. It's very true I don't have anything more to steal!! Lol


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