Thursday, 23 May 2013

I wouldn't, I shouldn't, I couldn't resist!

I wouldn't have bought it, if I hadn't done a workshop with Hels Sheridan at Crafty Bunch, Telford, where I made this .... To my lovely MOM.

The words read... what if your  fears and dreams exist in the same place, would you still go there? I made it the day Mom had her hip operation.  I was going to cancel it but Mom said I should go as there was nothing I could do all that day but worry about her and she would far rather I was doing something to take my mind off it. I went and I thought the words were very apt to her situation as she wants to walk again and had to go where her fears and dreams existed together!

My first foray into the world of The Melt Pot ...........

I shouldn't have bought it as I have so much to play with but no time atm, my crafty budget is already overspent and I felt extremely ill when all the melt pots were melting utee at the workshop.

 Then I saw an offer at the Craft Superstore site and before I knew it...... I couldn't resist it!!


  1. Beautiful card, and have fun with your melt-pot! Valerie
    PS I blogged your gift yesterday!

  2. This is gorgeous! LOVING the flowers!!

  3. oh goodness...I HAVE WANTED one of those....I cannot WAIT to see the crazy cool things you come up with! Love your card, totally cool sentiment...

    Hope your Mom is doing OK!

    Hugs from NY!


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