Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Little Nature Book for Let's Get Trendy Now 3 - Textured Layers.
Here are the links to my other four projects for the Challenge just so you can see them all without wading through my story posts and this is the entry for the textured layers at Let's Get Trendy Now 3.
I made this tiny book on Thursday while the plumber was busy pulling my little flat to pieces.  Its amazing how it took my mind off the mess he was creating!!

It's only 2" square, made from one strip of paper which I folded like a concertina and stitched together down the spine.

If You Truly Love Nature You Will Find BEAUTY Everywhere!

  I then made the covers from some watercolour paper I had been practising on stuck them onto the back and front pages then added a small piece to wrap over the join.

I'd had delivery of some Indigo Blu stamps which were a free gift from a magazine subscription and really liked the quotes on them about this Earth and Nature.I added some dried leaf and petal pockets,  plus lace and stitching and beads

We Do Not Own The Earth            Walk Gently Upon It
         So That Future Generations
             May Do The Same!

.Hope you like it and thank you for looking and commenting, as always I really enjoy reading them                                                                                   


  1. Beautiful, inspirational project, Jean.
    Hugs from India

  2. Just so beautiful my friend!! LOVING the colors and all the yummy textures!!!

  3. Oh wow. This is sooooo pretty!:)

  4. pure bliss Jeanie .. love the colors .
    you wrote perfect words for me on my blog Jeanie , thanks so much from the bottom of my heart ... big hugz to you x

  5. This is a lovely little book Jeanie - thanks so much for playing along at LGT3!!


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