Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Memorable Day and The Tale of Edward Bear! - Storytelling Sunday- Pick your Precious at High in the Sky!

It's been a memorable day for me today for two reasons.  Firstly, I remember a Wimbledon Final in 1967 when John Newcombe won the Men's Singles.  I gave birth to my son that day and it was my 23rd Birthday too.  The second reason is that Andrew Murray's win today at Wimbledon will go a long way to dull the previous memories of the 7th July  London Bombings.  My son was still the best present, even though I'm still praying he will come through his long and painful fight against addiction.

I was going to tell you the story surrounding my son's arrival for this Pick Your Precious but I can't find the photo I wanted to scrap and show.  I think it must still be in the attic at my previous home, I left without many things last year that I hold dear.

And so here is my story for this month........... the tale of Edward Bear written for Storytelling Sunday- Pick your Precious at High in the Sky.

Edward Bear in his new jersey!
Let me introduce Edward, aka Teddy, who will be celebrating  his 10th birthday later this year.  I saw him originally sitting on a shelf in a local toy store and thought he was a real character.  My daughter had just confirmed she was pregnant with her first child so I was very excited and bought him at once.  I took him home and he took up residence in my bedroom all wrapped up waiting for the great day to arrive.  Every few weeks I would take him out and have a private conversation about how happy I was that my daughter, at the age of 34, was at last becoming a mother!  Towards the end of her time she started to develop problems, finally being diagnosed with Toxemia/Pre Eclampsia and was admitted to hospital to rest.

 Her condition worsened until it was too dangerous for the pregnancy to continue.After five days being in labour it was decided to perform a Ceasarian operation.  It was a tense time while we waited for news!  Thankfully they both survived.
Great news today!
Paula and John Dower are happy to announce the safe arrival of their first daughter,  Daisy Anne by Ceasarian section at 4pm at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.  Daisy weighed in at a tiny 5lb 4oz but is perfect in every way.
We arrived just as they were wheeling her into a side ward, the baby was in an incubator by her bed.  I had taken Ted with me but I didn’t leave him there.  Daisy looked so tiny and vulnerable and Paula suggested I keep him at my house until later. I was  happy to do so as he’d been such a comfort to me.  Later she said perhaps he should stay with me as she was unsure about giving a baby a toy with glass beads for eyes.  I understood and Teddy stayed with me after that, sitting on my bed every day and listening to my many troubled times. I brought him with me when I moved to my flat where he sat on my bed and helped me get through the dark times.  Earlier this year Daisy, now 9 yrs old, came to sleepover at my flat.  She sleeps with a few soft toys at home and asked for Ted to add to to her collection. I told her about Teddy’s story and she was so happy to hear he was originally meant for her.  She asked if he could come to her house now as she liked his eyes being glass beads.  She would knit him a blue jumper (with Nan’s help),  I could borrow Mrs Tiggywinkle in place of Ted, she said.  Now that’s another story............
With his friend Mrs Tiggywinkle.

You will have to come back another time to hear her story................................

You can see more stories here, or why don't you write one yourself.
Thank you for getting this far and reading my story.  Hope you've all had a memorable day too!


  1. That is such a lovely story, I love how we have both shared about bears.. one Teddy and one Ted! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this precious story with us. xoxo from France

  3. What an absolutely lovely story this is. He's a fine looking bear..I'm a fan of Teddy Bears (and a fan of small babies, having had one of 4lb 11 and one of 5lb 13!!) and I love how you have drawn everything together here to tell a story of the past and the present all in one. Thank you.

  4. He has such a handsome blue jumper now. I love how you now have a new friend to stay with you (and my fav B.Potter character too).

  5. That is a beautiful story and it's lovely that Daisy finally got her bear x

  6. So many memories wrapped up in one little bear...beautifully told ?
    Alison xx

  7. What a beautiful story and with such a happy ending!

  8. A perfect ending. Beautifully told. My baby girl weighed 5lb 5oz and decided to put in an early appearance too!

  9. Oh what a lovely story - so glad Daisy was able to have Ted at last.


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