Thursday, 18 July 2013

Pens Altogether! - LESSology and ................

Can you always find a biro pen when you need one? I can't.  I have boxes of felt tip,gel,calligraphy etc pens of all sorts of colours, bright and soft, metallic, non permanent etc etc etc.  Among all these come the good old fashioned biro or ballpoint pens.

I made this pen holder out of a toilet roll tube, two circles cut from a sheet of packaging card and the inside of a ribbon reel. I'm entering this at LESSology Challenge #27 - Packaging Central,  to use packaging creatively this month.  Why don't you pop over and have a go too.
This was easy peasy to make in a couple of hours, half of which was spent looking for.............Yes you guessed pens!! Lol

I cut out 2 circles, one slightly larger than the roll and the other slightly larger than the first.  Take the smaller circle and snip all the way round the circle every couple of cms.  Fold these in to fit the circle inside the tube and push it inside from the top until it fits snugly inside the base of the roll.  Glue the larger circle to the bottom and then glue the ribbon reel over the top.  This makes the base sturdier and gives a good platform for adding some embellishments.

I used up some of my large stock of green offcut papers to wrap around the cardboard roll, triimed it with some green spotted washi tape, used some white flowers coloured with TH dsitress paint,  adding brads to the middles and  a selection of green buttons to trim over the joins of the papers. Lastly, some very old alphas to make a banner spelling the word Pens, et voila! 

TIP.  I wrapped some of the washi tape around each of my pens, easily identified if they land in the wrong box, I can always see them at once.  I'm making another two of these, one for black and white journalling pens and another for my metallic gels for card writing.

Thank you for looking folks if you got this far, hope you're having a nice day whatever the weather! It's too darned hot here but I mustn't complain!  We don't have it very often. lol


  1. Ohhhhhhhh this is fabulous! LOVING the colors, the buttons and the flowers!! Thanks so much for playing along with LESSology!!

  2. Oooooh...these are adorable Jeanie! Love how you've upcycled your toilet roll tube! :)

    P/s: It's nice to be able to find your pens when you need them....*winks*

  3. ahhh ha! It's my second time over here. Spotted this earlier and was camping so didn't want to comment until I had a really good spy at it on a real computer! Adorable!!!! oh and thanks for playing along with us too!


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