Sunday, 28 July 2013

Simply a Moment - Where the Muse takes You!

Here is my story for Simply a Moment   Hope you like it and thank you for reading it.  You can view the page I made here.

Simply a Moment - Where the Muse takes You!

Right I thought,  as I struggled into my flat with four bags of shopping for myself, carried singly I might add,  I’ll just check my emails to see if Paula has sent me her grocery list.  She’s away with the family in Kefalonia,  in the Greek Isles,  lucky things and said she’d email me if she wanted shopping done for when they come home.

I logged on to my email thinking, I might as well check through them all,  as I scrolled down my list.  I‘d had one from Berry71Bleu about the July challenge to do ANYTHING you like!  This is a bit of a tall order as you suddenly have the freedom to go anywhere with whatever and it’s SCARY!!  Do I go for plain and simple, pretty, pretty, a good story, WHAT???  I’d been struggling with this one for a while.  The email was about a post from Anupama Choudrey and I opened it eagerly to read.  Her work is so amazing, very mixed media but artistically so. Her page for the challenge was beautiful.

 That’s what I could do, I thought, a mixed media page!

I forgot completely about shopping, feeding animals, or cleaning which is what I should have been doing.

My excitement grew as I printed out my photos of Daisy to scrap and set to work with paints, inks and papers. This was a special photo taken by my daughter last year and to me marked the passage of time from young child to blossoming girl. It needed a special page.

 I chose to work with acrylic paint, ink and mica powders to create the initial background which was stamped with bubble wrap and paint, sprayed with water, then had inks and mica splattered and dribbled on it.

A moment of bliss, pure bliss!

Not the result, just the process!!!

With Elvis on my CD player belting out his love songs, which always help with the flow, I gradually built up my background until I was reasonably satisfied with the effect.
The ping of my laptop alerting me to a new email suddenly brought me back to reality.  Oh dear, where had the time gone?  I was only logging on for a moment!  Looking around my room,  with every surface covered in paper, paint, embellishments etc.  I quickly piled every thing up into a tidy-ish heap and opened my new email.

 It was from my daughter to say their flight was delayed and they wouldn’t be home until tomorrow.
A happy dance around my room, with Elvis back on the CD player  I dived into the heap and was instantly lost in finishing my page!

Well, when inspiration strikes you have to respond don’t you?

Jean Green 27th July 2013.


  1. You do indeed, Jean, and you've responded with the most beautiful of results. That is a very pretty photo, and your mixed media is a great match for it. I so understand that guilty tidying up and thinking "It was only a minute since I last looked at the clock!" And the gift of extra time? Magic! Thank-you so much for linking up and joining in this month :).


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