Sunday, 1 December 2013

Boobs and Birds-Sian's Storytelling Sunday- the Ultimate!

Hi Everyone my blogging has been so limited the past few months due to various things but I couldn't miss Storytelling Sunday at Sian's Blog.  The very last one!!  Why don't you pop over to see what others have written. I ummmeed and ahhhhed over what to pick as I have so many stories still untold - I haven't chosen a Christmassy story but one which tells a little about my story.

As a young woman my body was slim, lean and petite, like Audrey Hepburn, which other women yearned for. My sister and friends were envious of my body!
I wanted a fuller, curvier figure, as to me I looked like a boy! My boobs were non-existent.
Falsies, as they were called then, silicone implants now, were very expensive so not an option for a young working class girl.
I got married, had a busy life bringing up my two kiddies, working etc and the dream of a voluptuous body faded as attitudes to large boobs changed. Models became skinny up top and below and I felt quite lucky to be slim.
Then the ageing process kicked in, in my 40’s and I put on weight and suddenly developed Boobs!
I quite liked having them, I felt more feminine and my clothes hung better.
Trouble is the halcyon days didn't last long! Approaching my 60’s the larger I got and so did my Boobs!
Now nearing 70 my whole body’s heading South. Ahhhh!!

And I got to thinking, what if I’d had the implants, where would they end up now?
I’m so glad I didn’t have them done as I‘d be on the floor with the weight of them.
I made this bird  (the purple and green one), a few years ago, to document my body's journey, it sits in my craft area and it‘s a very precious reminder to me to enjoy life whatever body you’re in. 

I tried to take a new photo of it but for some reason my new printer has wiped out my memory card drive which enabled me to load my photos onto my laptop.  Until I sort it out I cannot upload photos to my blog!!  Very frustrating!!!
Thank you for reading my story and I hope you have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Please don't take this the wrong way if I say I really don't need a photo to appreciate this story lol! and I can completely appreciate where you are coming from with it too. As I age I see myself looking more and more like my Grandma..who always wore a scooped neck top to flatter her top half! It's been a pleasure to see you join in with Storytelling Sunday Jean. With thanks from me to you x

  2. Hope you can sort out the memory card driver - how frustrating. But Sian's right we don't need a photo to understand and smile at this story - one we can all relate to.

  3. I think most of us will identify with your post today. I always hated being called skinny and wondered why people thought it was OK to say that to me, when they wouldn't have dreamt of calling somebody fat!

  4. Oh, you have made me smile today!

  5. A lovely post! I find myself thinking about 'my body' a lot....two children, and two natural childbirths/years of breastfeeding later, and I sometimes wonder who I'm looking at when I catch sight of myself in the mirror.....who stole my body?!! But, you know, I wouldn't have it any other way. I grew two babies in my (now more droopy) belly, fed them both for years with my (now very droopy) boobs and have nourished them physically and emotionally with the rest of me for seven (and four) years now....I can't think of anything more beautiful to have done with my body, over that time, and so I'll accept the 'battle wounds' and 'casualties' thank you very much!! I remember being fascinated by my Gran's scars, on her arms etc., and when I'd ask her how she'd got that scar or this one, she'd say 'I don't remember, love'. I remember always being really shocked she wouldn't remember but, now, I find myself looking at scratches/bruises on my own body and thinking 'goodness, where did that come from?' have children and your own minor injuries just don't even register any more....

  6. Such a brilliant story with a great message, enjoy what you're given :o) x

  7. You made me chuckle - great story.

  8. Thanks Jean, lovely story and made me giggle, I may not be skinny (never have been) but my boobs are going south the same as yours (OK was the same as you, flat and still am now, lol, thank god for wonder bras :) ) Hope you are keeping well, hugs xx

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