Monday, 6 December 2010

Soo much to do, soo little time!!!

I'm trying to make Christmas cards for the Craft Club tomorrow, for the exercise class for Wednesday, plus practice an easel card to demo tomoz. I managed to grab a few pics of the hoar frost on the cobwebs in the garden before they were melted by the rising sun. The sparrows were very indignant as they have been feasting on the sunflower heads I put on the garden seat and I interrupted them. I came in and thawed out and just settled down to work and what does hubby do?? He came back from the allotment with 2 bags of potatoes and a sack full of onions which had to be sorted and the bad ones thrown out. Many of the potatoes were ok but some were going soft after being frozen at the bottom of the bags. Now I'm in panic mode as I've spent the day cooking, de-skinning, mashing chipping and freezing. Why am I here???? Good question. Byeeee.

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