Friday, 21 January 2011

Just added some pages from Abi's Art Journal!

I don't have the energy to do much atm so I've sat and put together Abi's Journal. This was going to be a Christmas pressie but got delayed, buried under card making, writing, posting and generally manic Christmassy things. She had seen my book by Ruth Rae called layered, tattered and stitched and begged me to make her something like it. I took inspiration from the front cover art work to make her front cover. I looked up some free art and photography quotes and used them on the pages. I made a pocket to store the rest for her to use. Here's one of the pages I've decorated ready for journalling, hoping to give her some inspiration. At 15 she's suddenly become apprehensive about her art, "in case she spoils the page" I'm hoping this book will unlock her inhibitions!! I've added a slideshow of the covers and some of the unadorned pages.

I would love to hear your comments on this before I give it to her. I'll add more pages as I do them. Thanks for looking, really appreciate it. xx


  1. Really beautiful, Jeanie. I am sure Abi will have fun carrying on what you have started so well!

  2. Hi Jeanie, just been having a looksie at your lovely blog. I very much like your page for Abi, it has a marvellous vintage feel which for me is the best thing about pages, but the pinkness is just perfect for a 15-year old, bound to appeal to her. How nice that she begged you to make something for her!

    Just read your last post and you mentined that the one in Coleshill? That's my local craft shop - well, when I can actually get out to visit it, that is, lol. CoB

  3. Hi Carole thank you for your lovely comment.Abi loves art and craft and I was so happy she wanted to have something made by Nan still. Yes,Melbicks is the one nr Coleshill, it's my 2nd home! xx


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