Saturday, 5 February 2011

Sunshine after the storm!!!

Yesterday was a bad day here, the boiler broke down and it's going to cost big money to replace, then the manager of the club we'd booked, to hold Mom's 90th in next Saturday, phoned to say he'd somehow double-booked and we couldn't have the room we'd paid for. I just cried most of the afternoon. Anyway we've managed to find a church hall in Marston Green, not what we would have chosen but........ Now we have to phone or write to the 150 guests to tell them. Rest??? what's that??? lol We have a new boiler coming on Monday so I hope it stays this warm til then.

Today I woke dreading what I had to do, getting my money back from this horrible man and phoning everyone up, then the post man came and brightened my day completely. I had a lovley parcel of crafting goodies which are absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much Val for everything, they will be used I promise

Now I must finish my feb calendar page .................

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  1. Awww Jeanie, sorry that stuff is making you cry, these things are sent to try us, eh? Trust a crafter to cheer you up though, very good timing on Val's behalf, bless her. No, I didn't get your email, but hotmail is too willing to hold everything back assuming it's spam. I've checked my Junk folder but it's not there....when did you send it? I do have a lot of probs with hotmail not delivering emails, makes me grumpy! wish I could get out to Melbicks to look at those sewing machines, 12.50 is a great price. CoB


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