Thursday, 4 August 2011

My new journal pages.

Hi everyone who looks at this post. This is a new art journal I've started "All About Me" which will hold my history, childhood memories and present day thoughts in no particular order of presentation here. I did put this page as no 1 then proceeded to do the back pages! How daft is that??? I've also added some in the middle so I'm thinking it will be naturally divided into 3 sections which will form the whole book. The Journal is A4 bound which I'm going to cover with a technique used by Kate Crane in the Craft Stamper of using Art Canvas on a roll. It looks just what I would like to use for the cover. Now I need to psyche myself up and go to brave the shops in town to buy it!!! I hate town these days, too hot and crowded with busy people!! Not for me but needs must. Failing that I'll have to research if I can buy it on-line, I think. My friendly mail man is getting used to me thrusting a bleary eyed hand, out of the kitchen window at 7 am in the morning to receive the latest purchase.

We've just had a welcome morning of rain in the Midlands, which has not even been enough to soak through the top layer of soil in the allotment. Could do with a good 3 days of it to swell the potatoes, beans, etc but we have to be grateful for what we've had.

It came home to me this week just what a mess we'd be in if the allotment was our only source of fresh fruit and veg. We've been neglecting it a bit due to health and family problems, and as we can only use watering cans to water the plants, which is exhausting and time consuming, the plants have suffered over the last 2 week's lack of rain. The outer leaves on many of the green crops have turned white, the potatoes are tiny, and the poor brassicas have been decimated by hungry birds, leaving quite architectural shaped stems which look like skeleton umbrellas. How would we survive without our store of veg in the freezer and the local supermarket to pop down to?? After watching the footage coming from some parts of Africa it makes me realise how lucky we are here in the West, so I've made another donation to the fund for Save the Children.

My husband has started to lose his sight this week, ascehmic neuroma the doctor said. It may be part of something else which he's being tested for atm. Years of alcohol abuse are finally catching up with him and he's a bear to live with!!! Art and Journalling is my escape! Wow this is a long post, have a gold star for those who got to the end. lol Thank you and I really appreciate you looking.


  1. Hi Jeanie! Nice to see you posting again. Glad that your can find a refuge in your art and journaling, and hope that things will soon be looking a bit brighter for you. Lots of hugs and sparkles! Valerie

  2. That was quick Val. Thank you for replying you always brighten my day. xx

  3. Jeanie this journal is so beautiful .. straight from your heart ... wow I use my art as an escape too .... keeps me sane ... keeps me focussed on the good stuff ... alcohol abuse is horrendous ... everyone suffers .. my mother drank herself to death at 46 years of age ... my sister was married to an alcoholic for 15 years before he died, and it has taken its toll .. take care sweetness and keep creating your journal is awesome .. if you feel like talking my email is
    big hugz x

  4. That was a long post! First of all I LOVE your journal page. Good luck with the cover - I got my canvas in 'the works' for just 1.99! Sorry to hear about your husband - keep journaling, it's good for YOU :-)

  5. Thank you Heather and Kate for your lovely comments. I feel so much better when I come on here and see the lovely people who have been visiting.

  6. Love your journal idea, Jeanie, and it looks great. It's good you have your art if life is sending you a few not so good times. Sorry about hubby, hope he becomes less of a bear to live with. CoB


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