Sunday, 1 September 2013

The End of the Smile-Storytelling Sunday at Sian's.

Hi Everyone sorry I missed you all last month, August was so busy and before I’ve blinked a few times it’s over!!  I love September as I can start collecting all the memories I made in the Summer and getting them down on paper.

Today it’s Storytelling Sunday over at High in the Sky so it’s time to Pick your Precious!  Maybe about a lucky charm or a talisman you wouldn't  be without or carry in your pocket.

My story is about something precious that I carry around but not in my pocket...............

A few weeks ago I was staying with my granddaughter Daisy at my friend’s hotel in Cumbria in the UK.  We were in our room, freshening up for dinner and Daisy wanted her hair plaited, in a grown up plait, she said.  She looked so sweet in her short red skirt, navy blue top and one big plait draped over her shoulder.

 Her top had a caption on it which I smiled at as she stood there.  It said HAPPY, always wear a smile. I must take your photo Daisy to show your Mom and Dad how pretty you look.  She posed in front of the mirror and I got the picture, a little out of focus I know but you get the picture I’m sure.

Now it’s your turn Nan, she said,  I pulled a few funny faces as I hate having my photo taken but she didn’t press the button.  I want you to smile Nan she said.  I smiled and she took ages before she pressed the button.

Got it she said. I love when you smile Nan but I had to wait for the end of it as that’s the best part, when the holes come in your cheeks.

(I think she means my dimples)  That's what we call them in my neck of the woods anyway

So you see, it seems I’m carrying something precious around with me and I didn’t even know I had it until that day!

Now I’m all smiles every time I think about what she said.

I'll be a bit late reading your stories as we are going for a trip to a Butterfly farm in Worcestershire today. Daisy's last treat before school starts on Monday. Yuck! Her word not mine! It also ensures she arises early today so goes to bed earlier tonight!  Good ploy on DD's part.

I'll be popping over to read all the other stories later, why don't you pop over too.  You wont be disappointed

Hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading my story.


  1. Oh thats a lovely story - - my mum always says "If you see someone without a smile,give him one of yours" and I can see why Daisy needed those dimples - very precious inded. Thanks for sharing - I am sitting here with a huge smile on my face in response to your delightful smiles. J x

  2. Oh what a lovely photo Daisy took - I too smiled back :) I like her grown up braid too. Hope you have a great time at Butterfly World.

  3. What a sweetie! She looks beautiful and I like her words for your dimples too!

  4. It's so good to see you back with such a charming story! her photo and your happy face has left me with a smile too, so she is spreading her "happy" far and wide! A perfect precious

  5. What a wonderful story & what a lovely warm smile you have too x

  6. This is just the best story, ever! Loved it, and love your smile!

  7. That is such a lovely story with great pictures x


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