Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Belated Happy Easter Greetings to All!

Belated Easter greetings to all. We've been away
for Easter so sorry it's late. It was strange, not going to church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday but I still prayed and celebrated on my own. A friend of mine, knowing the bad time we've been having lately, invited me and hubby to a week in Spain staying at their villa with them. I really dithered about going as my brother was in hospital with yet another infection (poor thing, from all the chemo he's having) this meant Mom was on her own, also brother in law was poorly. My hubby is in the early stages of dementia too and I worried about coping with him on the plane etc. Well everyone said we must go, it would be ok just for a week so we left the day after Mum's trip on the Orient Express!! Here's a photo of Mom being serenaded on the trip which I hope to scrap sometime!!!! She really enjoyed it and it was nice to be able to sit and chat with her and my sisters and not be interrupted.


  1. Wow, I'd love to be on the Orient Express, and even better to be serenaded, I bet your Mum loved every minute of it, lucky lady. Hope you and hubby enjoyed your holiday, you deserved it.

    I am so sorry that it took me so long to email you back, Jeanie, I hope you received the email. Anyway, take care, and I hope your brother has got over the infection. CoB

  2. Hi Jeanie, hope you're OK, you havent posted for a while. Take care. CoB

  3. Hi Carole thank you for thinking of me, yes I'm still ok, just..... lol


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