Saturday, 30 January 2010

Other DC Blogs

I've just spent the last hour adding some more of the DC Scrapbookers Blogs and looking at them. FANTASTIC ALL OF THEM.

Now I want to change mine but I just don't have the energy left. Getting over a chest infection which has taken it's toll on my sadly weakened immune system so I'm off for a rest now and may be back later.


  1. hi jeanie, sorry to hear your not too well. chest infections can be so draining, and hell to get rid of. so im sending lots and lots of sparkles to wish you better.
    im going to have a good old nose at your blog now, and then i will add you to mine.
    when im following i come up as cardmaker16 but its only me, mrs tsv from dc forum.
    hugs gina xxxxxxxxx

  2. Sorry to here you have not been too well your blog looks wonderful have bookmarket also not too well so brief visit but will look soon promise

  3. Hi Jeanie, I really hope you're feeling much better very soon, sending you loads of sparkles! I think your blog is looking fab!!!! Your work is just beautiful, I'm looking forward to seeing more :)
    Suzie xxxxx :)


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